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In the world of motion control systems, the RichAuto-A1X emerges as a formidable contender, armed with precision, adaptability, and user-friendly interfaces. Its strengths lie in its ability to achieve exceptional precision and adapt to diverse motion requirements. However, it’s important to acknowledge its language limitations, potential learning curve, and certain application boundaries. As industries continue to harness automation, the RichAuto-A1X represents a noteworthy stride towards enhanced efficiency and accuracy in modern manufacturing processes.

The RichAuto A11 Three-axis Linkage Motion Control System offers advanced features to enhance motion control capabilities. It introduces a new three-axis linkage motion mode for comprehensive control, while also supporting drive and spindle error alarms. With its large storage capacity and efficient U disk compatibility, it ensures quick and secure U disk processing. The system further incorporates an intelligent file-checking function and parameter backup and restore feature to safeguard crucial settings. Its robust anti-jamming capabilities, validated through multiple CE tests, ensure reliable performance. The system’s intelligent processing memory enables power fail safeguard and breakpoint functions for uninterrupted operations. Additionally, the system’s definable I/O interfaces open up extensive development possibilities for customers, providing a versatile platform for customization and innovation.

3-axis Linkage Motion Control System-A11

The RichAuto-A1X control system is a remarkable technological advancement in the realm of industrial automation and CNC machinery control. Boasting a plethora of features designed to elevate precision, adaptability, and efficiency, this system has the potential to redefine how manufacturers approach their operations.

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Precision Perfected:
At the forefront of the RichAuto-A1X’s strengths is its extraordinary precision. Boasting a minimum input unit of 0.001mm, the system sets new benchmarks for accuracy in motion control. This remarkable precision unlocks opportunities for applications that require intricate and flawless execution, from microfabrication to intricate machining tasks.

RichAuto-A11 Installation Size

Adaptability in Motion:
A key advantage of the RichAuto-A1X is its ability to interface with both stepper and servo motors. This adaptability ensures that it can seamlessly integrate into a diverse range of manufacturing environments. Engineers can opt for the motor type that best suits their application, be it the precise positioning of a stepper motor or the dynamic responsiveness of a servo motor.

Seamless Interaction:
The RichAuto-A1X’s 128×64 monochrome screen serves as a user-friendly interface, allowing operators to effortlessly navigate its functions. Supporting multiple languages, including Simplified/Traditional Chinese and English, the system ensures that language barriers don’t impede efficient control. This seamless interaction enhances productivity and minimizes training overhead.

Uninterrupted Operations:
Equipped with power failure protection and breakpoint processing, the RichAuto-A1X offers a safety net against unforeseen interruptions. This feature ensures that ongoing tasks are not compromised in the event of power outages. The system’s ability to resume operations seamlessly underscores its commitment to continuous production processes.


Language Limitations:
While the RichAuto-A1X supports multiple languages, its proficiency is limited to Simplified/Traditional Chinese and English. The language options might fall short of providing a truly inclusive experience for users in regions where these languages are not prevalent.

Complexity and Learning Curve:
The system’s comprehensive features, while advantageous, might present a learning curve for new users. Navigating through various functionalities and options could be overwhelming, particularly for those unfamiliar with advanced motion control systems.

Scope of Applications:
While the RichAuto-A1X is adaptable to multiple applications, its upper limit might be reached in extremely complex and specialized scenarios. Applications that demand highly specialized motion control algorithms or interfaces might require additional customization beyond the system’s capabilities.

Dependency on Power:
The power failure protection feature is undoubtedly an asset, but it is dependent on the availability of power backup solutions. In regions with unreliable power infrastructure, the effectiveness of this feature could be compromised.

RichAuto-A11 Size

richauto all size

RichAuto-A11 Wiring

richauto a11 wiring diagram

What’s the difference between the RichAuto A11E AND A11S two Versions?

The Operation and its system, it is all the same. You could set the Language in DSP by yourself.
The only difference is:
The handle surface of A11E is English words without Chinese. (Default delivery model)
The handle surface of A11S has English and Chinese words.

Upgrade RichAuto DSP A11

1. Store the latest upgraded compressed file to a USB flash drive and connect it to the RichAuto A11 control handle. In general, the file format is “**.PKG” and the handle screen appears as“ rz-xxxx” or “qxx-xx”.
2. Next, press the “MENU” then select “System Setup” and press “ORIGIN OK” to enter. Press “X+1▲” and “X-5▼” to select “Auto Upgrade”. (or Press “MENU” + “ORIGIN OK”. Screen display “Select Upgrade File”.)At this time, “Select Upgrade File” will be displayed on the screen;
3. Press “ORIGIN OK” to enter, choose “U disk File“, and select the upgrade file. Press “ORIGIN OK”, and the system will auto-upgrade.
4. After the upgrade to complete, restart the handle. 

Change Language from Chinese to English

Press the “menu” button, and choose“系统参数配置”(system parameter configuration) Press the “OK” button, choose“选择语言”(select  language) Press the “OK” button, choose “English” Press“OK” button

RichAuto A11 Blank Screen

Something we can find RichAuto DSP controller LCD is on but a blank screen with nothing, but the indicator light is on.

richauto a11 blank screen


  1. Software malfunction, therefore we can correct it by crisis recovery.
  2. Computer software malfunction, but can not repair it by our personnel you’ll deliver it straight back to the distributor to re-put in the software or get a completely new one.
  3. Hardware malfunction, need to send out the RichAuto CNC control portable device straight back to the dealer to exchange the cracked hardware or acquire a fresh one.

How to Fix Blank Screen By Ourselves

Note, back up your data parameters before repairing.

1, Power of the CNC router.
2, Press the key “ORIGIN / OK” on the RichAuto A11 keyboard and do not loosen it, meantime switch on the router machine. After keep pressing the key “ORIGIN / OK” for 5 seconds, then loosen it.
3, Choose “Emerg program“, and press “ORIGIN / OK,” It’s formatting and the dialog
4, Choose “Normal Version,” press “ORIGIN / OK,” then appear dialog
5, Press “ORIGIN / OK,” then return to the previous menu
6, Last step, Please turn off and turn on the CNC router.
The emergency recovery setting is complete.

How do I reset my Richauto DSP controller?

  1. Power off the dsp controller, and then push OK. button.
  2. Do not let it pop up from your finger, keep pushing it.
  3. Power on the dsp and wait for the loading for 5. seconds.
  4. About loading to 80%, release the OK button.
  5. It will enter into an “emergency state”.
  6. Choose “Format system”

Richauto A11 Setup

  1. Press the MENU button on the RichAuto A11 controller.
  2. Use the cursor buttons to navigate to the “MACHINE SETUP” menu.
  3. Press the “ORIGIN” button.
  4. Within the “ORIGIN” menu, navigate to the “Pulse Equiv” option.
  5. Input the pulse values for the X, Y, and Z axes. For example, set X=120, Y=120, and Z=400.
  6. After setting the pulse values, move the cursor to the “Table Size” option.
  7. Input the table size for the X, Y, and Z axes. For example, for a CNC router with dimensions of 1325mm x 2500mm x 200mm, you might set X=1300, Y=2500, and Z=200. If you’re unsure about the values, you can consult the manufacturer or documentation.
  8. Once the Table Size setup is complete, navigate to the “C.A.D Thickness” option, which is located under the “Machine Setup” menu. Input a value of “12” mm, indicating that your tool sensor thickness is 12mm.
  9. Next, go to the “Spindle set up” menu and find the “Spindle Delay” option. Set the value to 10000.
  10. Return to the DSP monitor setup screen.
  11. The DSP will indicate that you need to restart the CNC machine. Follow the instructions to restart the machine.
  12. Click “home” to complete the parameter setup.
richauto a11

A11 System Upgrade Notice

1,Old model use 5V power supply,new model DSP use 24V.
2, A new wire board can be used for both New and old DSP handles, but New model DSP can’t use the old wiring board, if you use DSP for the old wiring board, the screen doesn’t light up.

Richauto A11 Manual

Richauto A11 Wiring Diagram

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