The RichAuto A12 Plasma Cutting Motion Control System is designed to elevate plasma cutting operations with its advanced features. It harnesses the power of a high-speed 8-core CPU, enhancing its computational capabilities and processing speed. With seamless U disk compatibility, the system ensures rapid and secure reading of data from U disks. The parameter backup and restore function safeguards critical settings from loss, bolstering operational stability.

Built to withstand interference, the A12 system has successfully passed several CE tests, attesting to its robust performance. The system offers definable I/O interfaces that enable control over various components such as cylinders and plasma arc voltage adjusting controllers. The inclusion of a border testing function in the DSP system allows for the convenient placement of processing materials.

One of its notable features is a new computing mode that mitigates the risk of damage during plasma processing. This innovation serves to enhance safety and precision during cutting operations. Overall, the RichAuto A12 Plasma Cutting Motion Control System is a comprehensive solution designed to optimize plasma cutting processes with speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

The RichAuto A12E and A12S DSP controllers are designed for CNC routers and are capable of functioning without the need for a computer. These controllers are suitable for managing 3-axis operations, making them well-suited for various CNC routing tasks.

A12E and A12S DSP Controllers Feaure

  1. High-Performance Core Processing CPU:
    • Eight nuclear processing CPUs for faster calculations and stronger processing ability.
  2. Simple Handle Structure with Button Controls:
    • 16 buttons for operation modes.
    • Comfortable handheld design for easy use.
    • User-friendly interface for quick learning.
  3. Multiple Data Transmission and Large Storage Capacity Support:
    • Supports various offline operation methods.
    • Multiple mobile storage transmission options.
    • 512MB internal memory for reading large storage devices.
  4. Intelligent Reading Processing Documents Function:
    • Smart proofreading for processing documents.
    • Reads new processing files efficiently.
    • Can skip checks based on user preferences.
  5. Intelligent Memory Function:
    • Supports power loss and breakpoint processing.
    • Saves process position and file name for accurate resumption.
  6. Two Processing Mode Choices:
    • High precision mode for quality.
    • High-speed mode for efficiency.
  7. Security Checking & Alarm:
    • Security warning system for accuracy.
    • Abnormal reminders and safety tips.
    • Prevents unauthorized actions.
  8. Encryption Functions:
    • Hardware and parameter encryption.
    • Encryption of important files and data.
    • Protection against modifications, deletion, and copying.
  9. Improved Anti-Jamming Performance:
    • Enhanced anti-jamming through CE testing.
  10. Customization and Secondary Development:
    • Customizable I/O mouth editing functions.
    • Secondary development for specialized functions.
    • Addresses specific industry needs with low costs and short development time.

Differentiating Features

  • A12E: This version of the controller features an English-only interface on its control handle, omitting Chinese characters.
  • A12S: The A12S version comes with a control handle that includes both English and Chinese characters on its surface.

Both the A12E and A12S models operate in the same manner in terms of functionality and system operation. The primary distinction lies in the language presentation on the control handle.

In summary, the RichAuto A12E and A12S DSP controllers are advanced options for CNC router control, providing improved capabilities compared to their predecessor model. They can be operated independently without the need for a computer, making them convenient tools for managing 3-axis CNC operations. The choice between A12E and A12S depends on the user’s preference for the language displayed on the controller’s handle.

Richauto-a12 Wiring Diagram

Richauto A12 Manual