The RichAuto A18 is a motion control system that is designed to work with 4 axes of motion and can be connected to the machine via USB. It has a 128*64 monochrome LCD display screen, 512MB of internal memory, and a differential control signal. The A18 also supports power failure protection.

The RichAuto A18 4-axis Linkage Motion Control System introduces cutting-edge motion control capabilities for advanced applications. It employs the latest four-axis coordinated motion mode, accommodating A/C code formats and specialized ‘M’ code control. The system boasts a user-definable I/O interface, facilitating extensive development opportunities for customization. The system’s intelligent processing memory function supports both “breaking point processing” and “power failure” recovery functions, ensuring seamless operations during interruptions.

With enhanced anti-interference performance validated through multiple CE tests, the A18 system guarantees reliable functionality. Its parameter backup and recovery feature safeguards vital settings from loss. The system excels in handling intricate designs, such as cylindrical, prismatic, and polyhedral shapes. Widely applicable, it finds use in controlling equipment for processing Buddha statues, stair columns, and furniture components like sofa and table legs. The A18 system is not only efficient but also delivers high-speed performance, making it a valuable asset for complex and demanding processes.

RichAuto DSP A18 4 axis CNC controller A18S A18E USB linkage motion control system for cnc router cnc engraver
  • Series: A1X series
  • Industry: Metal processing
  • Linkage Axis:4 axis
  • Screen Size:4 inch monochrome screen
  • ControlI/O:8I/8O
  • Model No.:RichAuto—A18

Richauto A18 Price

Richauto A18 Manual

Product Feature

  •  4-axis linkage motion control mode.
  •  Standard configured 8I/O interface board.
  •  Support 9 workpiece coordinates, and 8 breakpoints storage positions.
  •  Support mobile calibration & fixed calibration, Tool setting position and speed are configurable.
  •  Support free mark for rotary axis (choose A, B, C)
  •  The fourth axis can be set as a normal axis or a rotary axis.
  •  HIGH/LOW manual speed switching, fine adjusting, and distance setting.
  •  Offer system alarms for XYZ axis drivers, inverter, E-stop switch, and hard limits.
  •  Support tool broken continue breakpoint resume, Intelligent power failure recovery.
  •  Support special processing requirements such as array work, mill plane, zoom, and part work
  •  Stop position and status can be set as user’s request.

Richauto-A18 Wiring

Product Parameters

Product ModelMin. Input Unit
Internal Memory512MB
Display Screen128*64 Monochrome LCD
Communication PortU disk、USB cable
Controlled Axis Number3 axis
Control Signaldifferential signal
Drive Systemstep motor/servo motor
Min.Input UnitMin. Input Unit
No Volt Protectionsupport
Breakpoint Processing Functionsupport
External Power Supply Voltage24V DC
Manual ModeContinuous、point move、distance
Interpolation Wayline、arc、curve
Soft/Hard Limitsupport
Max. Pulse Frequency1M/S
Password Protectionsupport
Support LanguageSimple Chinese/traditional Chinese、English and other languages
Standard Configuration(1) DSP Handle;(1) 50 core cable (1)USB cable; (1)8 I/O Wiring board;(1) data CD

RichAuto A18 DSP controller includes A18E AND A18S two Versions.
The Operation and its system, it is all the same. You could set the Language in DSP by yourself.
The only difference is:
The handle surface of A18E is English words without Chinese.
The handle surface of A18S has English and Chinese words.


1. Latest four axes coordinated motion control mode.
2. Support A/C code format and special  M  code control.
3. User-definable I/O interface, provides an extensive development platform.
4. Intelligence processing memory function, support “breaking point processing” and “power failure” function.
5. More powerful anti-interference performance, pass through multinomial CE tests.
6. Provide parameters backup and recovery function protects the important parameter from missing.
7. Achieve complex graph processing, such as cylinder, prism, polyhedron, etc.
8. Widely applied in the system control of Buddha, stair column, sofa, and table leg processing equipment, and so on. Effective process and high speed.

Richauto A18 Firmware Update

Richauto A18s Firmware Upgrade Usb Flash
Richauto A18 Upgrade Firmware Usb (uzbek)

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