RichAuto-AutoNow A11 PLUS

RichAuto-A11 PLUS offers a range of benefits over its predecessor, the A11, including a seamless user experience, improved functionality, enhanced durability, flexible processing modes, and advanced safety features. These advantages contribute to a more efficient, user-friendly, and secure CNC processing experience for operators and users.

Model No.: RichAuto-A11 Plus
Series: A1X series
Industry: Woodworking machinery
Linkage Axis: 3 axis
Screen Size: 3-inch monochrome screen
ControlI/O: 8I/8O

Richauto A11 Plus Price

RichAuto-A11 Plus is used in a variety of Working Machines. Mostly used in Lathe & CNC Wood and Stone Router Machines.
RichAuto-A11 Plus is an Upgrade Model of Rich Auto A1X Series DSP Controllers.
RichAuto-A11 Plus has 3 Axis Linkage Axis with 8 Digital Inputs and 8 Digital Outputs. 

Product Parameters

Product ModelRichAuto-A11 Plus
Built-in Memory512Mb
Display128*64 Monochrome LCD
Communication PortU disk、USB cable
Number of Linkage Axes3 axis
Control SignalCommon Anode
Drive Systemstep motor/servo motor
Minimum Input Unit0.001mm
Power Failure ProtectionSupport
Breakpoint ResumeSupport
Power Supply24V DC
Manual ModeContinuous, Step, Distance
Interpolation MethodLine, Arc, Curve
Soft/Hard LimitSupport
Max. Pulse Frequency1 MHz
Password ProtectionSupport
Support LanguageSimplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/English
Standard Configuration(1) DSP Handle;(1) 50 core cable; (1)USB cable; (1)8 I/O Wiring board;(1) data CD.

Richauto A11 Plus Vs A11

The advantages of the A11 PLUS compared to the A11 are as follows:

  1. Consistent User Experience: A11 PLUS retains the familiar user interface and key layout of the A11, ensuring that users do not need to change their established usage habits. This makes the transition between the two models seamless and reduces the learning curve for existing users.
  2. Enhanced Functionality: The addition of multiple function keys on the A11 PLUS provides users with a more intuitive and streamlined operation experience. These function keys are designed to simplify various tasks and improve overall user efficiency.
  3. U Port Protection: The A11 PLUS features an improved U disk socket protection design, making it more resistant to falls and impacts. This enhancement ensures that users can replace the U disk socket more easily, reducing concerns about USB port damage and enhancing the device’s durability.
  4. Dual Processing Modes: The availability of two processing modes, high-precision and high-speed, offers users the flexibility to choose the appropriate mode based on their specific processing needs. This choice enables users to optimize processing efficiency and save valuable processing time.
  5. Enhanced Safety Features: The A11 PLUS introduces new safety features such as safety warnings and system fault alarms. These prompts include alerts for scenarios like abnormal axis labeling during zero return, safe prompts for distance mode movements, and processing over-limit light functions. These safety measures collectively ensure a safer working environment and maintain the consistency of the processing process, reducing the risk of errors and accidents.

Except for the original keys, A11E Plus adds multiple function keys for easier and more intuitive operation.


  • DSP operation core, faster computing, and stronger processing capability.
  •  16 operation keys: easy to learn and use
  •  Self-contained display screen, full offline operation
  •  Internal storage, support to read U disk.
  •  The hand-held controller has “U flash disk mode” to be used like a flash disk by connecting to a PC.
  •  Definable 8 pairs of I/O interfaces
  •  Support G-code, PLT, and DXF format files generated by various CAD/CAM software
  •  Multi-coordinate memory function. Provide 9 work coordinates system
  •  Intelligent pre-reading of documents to improve processing efficiency
  •  Intelligent memory function: Support power loss and breakpoint processing
  •  Parameter backup and restore function
  •  Two kinds of operation modes ensure quality and efficiency.
  •  Security checking & alarms guarantee the safety of production
  •  With more convenient encryption and decryption functions, stop worrying about forgetting passwords
  •  Support remote maintenance and system upgrade
  •  Support multiple languages, free switching

Richauto A11 Plus Manual