The RichAuto B57 ATC Motion DSP USB CNC Controller is a cutting-edge solution, offering precise 3-axis interpolations motion control and supporting up to 8 tools with customizable rack locations. Its innovative tool change and setting methods optimize efficiency. Safety mechanisms ensure secure operations, while its versatility accommodates both domestic and imported tool change spindles. The controller’s comprehensive features, including tool change identification, tool library management, and support for servo and inverter alarms, make it adaptable for various setups. Widely applicable in mechanical engraving fields like advertising, woodworking, stone carving, and molding machines, the B57 controller combines advanced functionality with practical compatibility for CNC operations.

richauto b57
  • Series: B5X series
  • Industry: Woodworking machinery
  • Linkage Axis: 3 axis
  • Screen Size: 5-inch color screen
  • ControlI/O: 16I/8O
  • Model No.: RichAuto-B57

RichAuto-B57 Manual

richauto b57

Product Feature

  •  3-axis interpolations motion control.
  •  Supports 8 tools, tool rack location can be customized.
  •  A new technology of tool change and tool setting method greatly improves the efficiency of the tool setting process.
  •  Detection mechanism such as tool holding, tool magazine in place, hard limit, etc. ensures the security of the operation.
  •  Identify tool change T instruction, and support multiple tool changes.
  •  Support tool library lift and fall, tool magazine cover, and dust hood.
  •  Support servo driver alarm and inverter alarm etc.
  •  Support both domestic and imported tool change spindles.
  •  Extensive application in the mechanical engraving field, such as advertising, woodworking, stone carving, and molding machines


richauto b57 wiring diagram

Product Parameters

Product ModelRichAuto-B57
Internal Memory512MB
Display Screen5 inches color screen
Communication PortU disk、USB cable
Controlled Axis Number3 axis
Control Signaldifferential signal
Drive Systemstep motor/servo motor
Simple Chinese/traditional Chinese、English、other languages0.001mm
No Volt Protectionsupport
Breakpoint Processing Functionsupport
External Power Supply Voltage24V DC
Manual ModeContinuous、point move、distance
Interpolation Wayline、arc、curve
Soft/Hard Limitsupport
Max. Pulse Frequency1M/S
Password Protectionsupport
Support LanguageSimple Chinese/traditional Chinese、English and other languages
Standard Configuration(1) DSP Handle;(1) HDMI cable (1) I/O Wiring board;