The RichAuto B58 DSP Controller is a powerful solution for CNC operations, boasting a 5-inch color screen for simulation and real-time G code viewing. Its robust industrial design ensures reliability and dust-proof functionality, while file preview and real-time work path browsing enhance efficiency. Featuring user-friendly button-based operation and a robust hardware platform, it supports up to 64 definable I/O ports and advanced functions like tool continuity, array work, and part processing. The controller caters to diverse needs, including special processing requirements, and offers multiple manual modes for precise adjustments. Its self-check functions, parameter backup, and recovery provide a dependable experience. With a focus on four-axis linkage control, compatibility with various rotating codes, and applicability in wood, stone, and art industries, the B58 DSP Controller combines precision, efficiency, and versatility for high-precision equipment like jade carving machines and mold engraving.

CNC DSP Controller

  • Series: B5X series
  • Industry: Woodworking machinery
  • Linkage Axis: 4 axis
  • Screen Size: 5-inch color screen
  • ControlI/O: 16I/8O
  • Model No.: RichAuto-B58

Richauto B58 Price

Richauto B58 Manual

Product Feature

  •  4-axis interpolations motion control.
  •  Standard configure 16/8 I/O interface board, support 16/16 extended I/O interface board.
  •  9 workpiece coordinates, 8 breakpoints storage positions.
  •  Support mobile calibration & fixed calibration, tool setting position and speed are configurable.
  •  Support free mark for rotary axis (can be marked as A and C).
  •  The 4th axis can be set as a standard axis or rotary axis.
  •  Extended board supports handwheel function
  •  Support HIGH/LOW manual speed switching, fine adjusting, and distance mode.
  •  Offer system alarms for drivers, inverters, E-stop switches, and hard limits.
  •  Support tool broken continue breakpoint resume, intelligent power failure recovery.
  •  Array work, mill plane, scale work, auto center, etc. particular processing demands are supported.
  •  Stop position and status can be set as users’ request.

Richauto-B58 Servo Board

Richauto-B58 Stepper Wiring Board

Product Parameters

Product ModelRichAuto—-B58
Internal Memory512MB
Display Screen5 inches color screen
Communication PortU disk、USB cable
Controlled Axis Number4 axis
Control Signaldifferential signal
Drive Systemstep motor/servo motor
Simple Chinese/traditional Chinese、English、other languages0.001mm
No Volt Protectionsupport
Breakpoint Processing Functionsupport
External Power Supply Voltage24V DC
Manual ModeContinuous、point move、distance
Interpolation Wayline、arc、curve
Soft/Hard Limitsupport
Max. Pulse Frequency1M/S
Password Protectionsupport
Support LanguageSimple Chinese/traditional Chinese、English and other languages
Standard Configuration(1) DSP Handle;(1) HDMI cable (1) I/O Wiring board;


CNC DSP Controller, RichAuto B58
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