The Richauto-F141 4-axis motion control system is an upgraded version of the Richauto A11E, introducing advanced features for enhanced control. With the ability to manage 4-axis interlocking operations, the system comes with a standard configuration of 16I/8O interface board. It supports efficient workpiece coordination with 9 coordinates and storage for 8 breakpoints. The system offers versatility through both mobile and fixed calibration methods, allowing precise tool positioning and speed adjustment.

Notable features include the capability to freely mark rotation axes (A, C) and customize the fourth axis as either a normal or rotary axis. The system provides convenient manual speed switching, fine adjustments, and distance settings. Safety features are integrated, including support for XYZ axis drivers, frequency converters, emergency stops, and hard limits alarms.

Advanced functions like tool continuity, breakpoint resumption, and intelligent recovery from power failures enhance operational efficiency. Special processing requirements, including arrays, milling planes, zooming, and row selection, are supported. The system also offers parking status and location settings.

Furthermore, the Richauto-F141 system can be redeveloped to incorporate special functions like feeding and unloading, as well as unique technologies. This 4-axis motion control upgrade builds upon the foundation of the Richauto A11E, introducing comprehensive features to meet evolving control needs.

  • Series: F1X series
  • Industry: Stone processing industry
  • Linkage Axis: 4 axis
  • Screen Size: 3-inch monochrome screen
  • ControlI/O: 16I/8O
  • Model No.: RichAuto—F141

RichAuto-F141 Price

RichAuto-F141 Manual

Product Feature

  •  Implementation 4 axis interlocking control.
  •  Standard configured 16I/8O interface board.
  •  Support 9 workpiece coordinates, and 8 breakpoints storage positions.
  •  Support mobile and fixed calibration, the position and speed of the tool can be set.
  •  Support free mark of rotation axis (choose A, C).
  •  The fourth axis can be customized as a normal and rotary axes.
  •  Support HIGH/LOW manual speed switching, fine adjusting, and distance setting.
  •  Support XYZ axis driver, frequency converter, emergency stop, hard limit, and other alarm functions.
  •  Support tool broken continue breakpoint resume, intelligent power failure recovery.
  •  Support special processing requirements such as arrays, milling planes, zooming, row selection, etc.
  •  Support parking status and location settings.
  •  Special functions can be redeveloped, such as feeding and unloading, unique technology, etc.

 Product Parameters

Product ModelMin. Input Unit
Internal Memory512MB
Display Screen128*64 Monochrome LCD
Communication PortU disk、USB cable
Controlled Axis Number3 axis
Control Signaldifferential signal
Drive Systemstep motor/servo motor
Simple Chinese/traditional Chinese、English、other languages0.001mm
No Volt Protectionsupport
Breakpoint Processing Functioninfinite
External Power Supply Voltage24V DC
Manual ModeContinuous、point move、distance
Interpolation Wayline、arc、curve
Soft/Hard Limitsupport
Max. Pulse Frequency1M/S
Password Protectionsupport
Support LanguageSimple Chinese/traditional Chinese、English and other languages
Standard ConfigurationHandle 1pc, data transmission cable 1 pc, I/O control board 1 pc