• Series: F7X series
  • Industry: Stone processing industry
  • Linkage Axis: 3 axis
  • Screen Size: Computer screen
  • ControlI/O: 16I/8O
  • Model No.: RichAuto—F731

RichAuto-F731 Wiring

System Introduction

RichAuto-F731 uses DSP as the core control system, High processing and operation speed that the microcontroller and PLC systems can’t match; Embedded structure, high degree of integration, strong stability, easy installation, and operation; support U disk, removable storage card reader, and FTP transport protocol. Adapt USB Interface, high-speed transfer, plug and play. Fully offline work. It can be widely used in automatic production lines, manipulators, multi-axis optical fiber laser cutting machines, jade machines, and woodworking machines.

Product Feature

  •  The system is connected to the computer through the twisted pair ethernet, which ensures the efficiency of information transmission and stability  There is no need for a plug-in card, thus avoiding a series of problems caused by the PCI slot.
  •  The upper monitor supports a laptop, desktop computer, and tablet PC, which uses a twisted-pair connection with wide compatibility. The common operating systems on the market, such as WinXP, Win7, Win8, and Win10, can be perfectly supported and compatible with 64-bit systems.
  •  Support one computer control multi-machine. It can be used in production lines.
  •  Processing graphics can be previewed, and the current line number can be determined according to the position of the machine head.
  •  Support offline work. If the computer breaks down in processing, the system can continue processing. After the computer is restored, it can control the lower computer again.
  •  Support the standard G code, PLT format instructions, and ENG (5.5-1048) code; such as UG, MasterCAM, CASMATE, Art CAM, AUTOCAD, and CorelDraw.Support CAM and CAD software
  •  Multiple languages display. Other language can be customized. such as English, French, and so on.
  •  Support manual pulse generator. Users can choose whether to use it or not by themselves.
  •  Support to display document processing information. It can help users to statistics processing time, processing range, the number of workpieces completed, and other important information through simulation or actual processing.
  •  Automatic tool setting function, including in-situ tool setting and floating tool setting, provides great convenience for users to process.
  •  Support 3D simulation display, we can observe the processing effect from various angles through simple operations such as mouse click or roller, so that we can have a more accurate and intuitive understanding of the processing results.
  •  Support program simulation. It can be manually simulated and processed in a very short time. At the same time, it can check whether the processing program is correct and calculate the actual processing time accurately.
  •  System log checking function. The system provides a powerful log diagnostic function to help users check detailed processing information and alarm information.
  •  Processing file management function. Users only save the processing program files to the specified directory and the system can manage these files in a built-in window.
  •  Support feed shaft to go home position accurately.
  •  Support breakpoint memory, select file line No. processing and array work.

Product Parameters

Product ModelRichAuto—F731
Built-in Memory512Mb
Display ScreenCustomizing
Communication PortU Disk, Network
Number of Linkage Axes3–5 axis
Control SignalDifferential signal
Drive SystemStepping/Servo Motor
Minimum Input Unit0.001mm
Power Failure ProtectionSupport
Breakpoint Processing FunctionSupport
Power SupplyDC 24V
Manual ModeContinue、Point move、Distance
Interpolation MethodLine、Arc、Curve
Soft/Hard LimitSupport
Maximum Pulse Frequency10MHz
Password ProtectionSupport
Language3-5 axis, switch X1, X10,X100
Spindle signal0-10V simulation
Handwheel3-5 axis, switch X1, X10, X100
Standard ConfigurationHandle controller (optional); Control box; Wire; Handwheel (optional)