RichAuto F741 is a highly versatile high-speed 4-axis motion control system that supports advertising, woodworking, stone carving, and other fields. Features include four-axis linkage, rotating work position, multitasking, optional control panel, user-friendly interface, multiple file transfer methods, coordinate and breakpoint management, tool settings, speed control, safety features, advanced features, special machining Support, secondary development capabilities, and multi-language support.

Series: F7X series

Industry: Woodworking machinery

Linkage Axis: 4 axis

Screen Size: Computer screen

ControlI/O: 16I/8O

Model No.: RichAuto—F741

Richauto F741 Price

Richauto F741 Wiring

Product Feature

  • 4-axis linkages motion control.
  • support max. 12 rotary work positions.
  • Support multi-processing engraving machine with load &unload function, tripping machine, and dispenser.
  • Standard configure 16I/8O control board for stepper or 24I/24O control board for servo drivers.
  • Easy to hold in hand, adopts LCD display and 24-button keypad, intuitive and flexible.
  • NEW keypad with 3 LED feedback lights, including button signal, system alarm, and system status.
  • 2 file transfer mode, through U DISK or PC(FTP) through network cable.
  • The handle is waterproof and dustproof, mainboard moved into the control board increases anti-jamming capability.
  • 9 workpiece coordinates, 8 breakpoints storage positions.
  • Support float and fixed tool settings, the position and speed of tool settings are easy to set.
  • Support Fast/Slow manual speed switching, fine adjusting, and distance setting functions.
  • Support to adjust spindle speed and feed speed during processing.
  • Support XYZ axis driver, frequency converter, emergency stop, hard limit alarm.
  • Support tool broken continue breakpoint resume, intelligent power failure recovery.
  • Support special processing requirements such as array work, milling plane, zoom, and part work.
  • Stronger secondary development capabilities such as software function and IO definition customization.
  • System language includes S/T Chinese and English; Support other languages customization.
  • Widely applied in advertising, woodworking, Stone, mold engraving, and mechanical engraving.

Product Parameters

Product ModelRichAuto-F741
Built-in Memory512Mb
Display ScreenCustomizing
Communication PortU Disk, Network
Number of Linkage Axes3 axis
Control SignalDifferential signal
Drive SystemStepping/Servo Motor
Minimum Input Unit0.001mm
Power Failure ProtectionSupport
Breakpoint Processing FunctionInfinite
Power SupplyDC 24V
Manual ModeContinue、Point move、Distance
Interpolation MethodLine、Arc、Curve
Soft/Hard LimitSupport
Maximum Pulse FrequencyInterpolation Method
Soft/Hard LimitSupport
Maximum Pulse Frequency10MHz
Password ProtectionSupport
LanguageEnglish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and other languages can be customized
Standard ConfigurationControl box; Cable;