RichAuto-F731 Wiring System Introduction RichAuto-F731 uses DSP as the core control system, High processing and operation speed that the microcontroller and PLC systems can’t match; Embedded structure, high degree of integration, strong stability, easy installation, and operation; support U disk, removable storage card reader, and FTP transport protocol. Adapt USB Interface, high-speed transfer, plug and play. Fully offline … Read more


System Feature Product Parameters Product Model RichAuto-F1410 CPU DSP Internal Memory 512MB Display Screen 128*64 Monochrome LCD Communication Port U disk、USB cable Controlled Axis Number 3 axis Control Signal differential signal Drive System step motor/servo motor Min.Input Unit 0.001mm No Volt Protection support Breakpoint Processing Function infinite External Power Supply Voltage 24V DC Manual Mode … Read more


The Richauto-F135 control system stands as a versatile solution for multi-tool-cylinder motion control, catering to various industries such as machinery, advertising, woodworking, and mold engraving machines. Utilizing DSP technology, it boasts high-speed processing capabilities and an embedded structure for solid stability and ease of installation. The system supports multiple storage options including a U disk, … Read more


The RichAuto DSP F131 3 Axis Motion Control System is a versatile solution designed to replace A11 and B51 controllers in CNC engraving applications. Featuring precise 3 axis linkages motion control, intuitive user interface with LCD display and keypad, workpiece coordination management, flexible tool setting options, and advanced functions like speed control, safety features, and … Read more


The RichAuto B57 ATC Motion DSP USB CNC Controller is a cutting-edge solution, offering precise 3-axis interpolations motion control and supporting up to 8 tools with customizable rack locations. Its innovative tool change and setting methods optimize efficiency. Safety mechanisms ensure secure operations, while its versatility accommodates both domestic and imported tool change spindles. The … Read more


The RichAuto B51 3-Axis Controller is a versatile CNC solution characterized by its handheld color screen interface, industrial durability, user-friendly button-driven operation, and support for advanced features like simulation, I/O port extension, and servo compatibility. With a focus on efficiency, it offers intelligent pre-reading and boasts a range of processing capabilities including tool continuity, array … Read more


The RichAuto DSP B15(S/T/E) Controller for CNC Router stands as a versatile solution, offering robust motion control capabilities. With features such as support for up to 4 cylinders, 3-axis interpolations, customizable analog IO interface, tool change shortcut, flexible spindle control, and advanced functions like tool resumption and power failure recovery, the B15 controller streamlines CNC … Read more


The RichAuto B11 DSP Three-axis Linkage Motion Control System offers sophisticated motion control capabilities for various applications. With features including 3-axis interpolations, standard I/O interface, compatibility with A1X, workpiece coordination, tool calibration, speed adjustments, system alarms, and advanced functions like tool resumption and power failure recovery, the B11 system caters to intricate processes. Specialized tasks … Read more


The RichAuto A15 is a CNC motion control system that can be used for machinery, advertisement, woodworking, mold engraving machine, laser, flame, plasma cutting machine, and so on. It has a new computing mode that can prevent damage during plasma processing. Richauto A15 Manual Product Feature Richauto-A15 Multi-Step Speed Integral Wiring Richauto-A15 Start and Stop The … Read more


The RichAuto A14 is a motion control system for dispensers. It has a DSP CPU, 512 MB of internal memory, and a 128×64 monochrome LCD display screen. The A14 also has a U disk and USB cable communication port. Richauto A14 Manual Product Feature Size Parameters Product model RichAuto—-A14 CPU DSP Internal Memory 512MB Display Screen 128*64 … Read more