RichAuto F741 is a highly versatile high-speed 4-axis motion control system that supports advertising, woodworking, stone carving, and other fields. Features include four-axis linkage, rotating work position, multitasking, optional control panel, user-friendly interface, multiple file transfer methods, coordinate and breakpoint management, tool settings, speed control, safety features, advanced features, special machining Support, secondary development capabilities, … Read more


The Richauto-F141 4-axis motion control system is an upgraded version of the Richauto A11E, introducing advanced features for enhanced control. With the ability to manage 4-axis interlocking operations, the system comes with a standard configuration of 16I/8O interface board. It supports efficient workpiece coordination with 9 coordinates and storage for 8 breakpoints. The system offers … Read more


The RichAuto B58 DSP Controller is a powerful solution for CNC operations, boasting a 5-inch color screen for simulation and real-time G code viewing. Its robust industrial design ensures reliability and dust-proof functionality, while file preview and real-time work path browsing enhance efficiency. Featuring user-friendly button-based operation and a robust hardware platform, it supports up … Read more


The RichAuto B18 DSP Controller represents a state-of-the-art solution for CNC routers. Its sleek design includes an ergonomic handle and intuitive layout, while new function keys enhance usability. Equipped with a durable USB interface and a simplified menu, it offers a streamlined user experience. The controller’s advanced features encompass organized wiring, input/output indicators for troubleshooting, … Read more


The RichAuto A18 is a motion control system that is designed to work with 4 axes of motion and can be connected to the machine via USB. It has a 128*64 monochrome LCD display screen, 512MB of internal memory, and a differential control signal. The A18 also supports power failure protection. The RichAuto A18 4-axis Linkage Motion … Read more